Sunday 3 July 2016

Picture Post: 30 minutes at Haarlemmerplein

This afternoon I stood at Haarlemmerplein, a square in the City of Amsterdam, for 30 minutes taking pictures of people cycling. This square used to be choked with traffic but now the only way to be able to cross the square from East to West is on foot or by bicycle, due to a very nice cycle track runnning along the edge of the square.

Image via Thomas Schlijper and Sustainable Amsterdam

Image via Thomas Schlijper and Sustainable Amsterdam

Image via @AmsterdamKunst

I did not get nearly as many odd looks as I did yesterday in Utrecht and a few more people waved too. Maybe they're more used to tourists taking pictures in Amsterdam than they are in Utrecht. Below is a selection of those photos in the order I took them. A snapshot of people in Amsterdam getting about by bike on a Sunday afternoon.

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